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Weird aptitude behavior

aptitude seemed to expand its list of alternate dependency resolutions
indefinitely today, during an upgrade in testing that involved lots of
X changes.

I got an error about dependency problems, with  1 (1) showing at the
bottom.  When I went to examine the proposed solution, I hit next and
got 2 (2), then 3(3), etc.  I stopped around 87.

I thought the display was n (m) where m was the constant number of
alternatives, and n was the particular alternative.  Am I not
understanding something about how this is supposed to work?

The other odd thing was that I accepted the recommended deletions of
some packages, but they did not show of as deleted when I hit g to get
the screen immediately preceding the g for "do the install."  However,
when I did the install, the packages were deleted.

aptitude 0.4.1-1, not affected the upgrade.
apt was, upgraded to by the install.

By the way, the problems centered around my use of nvidia-glx.

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