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Re: FW: Debian Installation ISO DVD Image Files

Hi Robert!

You wrote:

> My Initiative is to keep this Debian Server for Apache HTTP, MySql
> Database and PHP Applications, so I need to connect this pc in windows
> 2003 domain network for ip address and dhcp configuration to set from
> this windows 2003 server. Once all this is done so I can bring this
> debian server on the internet and under the our domain suffix for
> accessing it globally. Also please let me even it is possible to install
> oracle database 9i rel.2 on this debian server or no and I want to make
> this debian installation as an server? Is there any specific
> settings/installation instructions or just an normal installation?

Using a Debian server in a MS Windows environment is certainly possible.
However, the debian-www list is meant for discussions regarding the
Debian web pages.  For user-related questions and help, please refer to
the debian-user mailinglist (Cc'ed), or one of the other Debian help
channels listed on http://www.us.debian.org/support.

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