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Re: Debian Installation ISO DVD Image Files

Mihira Fernando wrote:

Robert J. A. Fernandes. wrote:

Hi Mihira,

Thank you very much for your email.

But my problem is when I download the DVD ISO Files it showing me only
372 MB for 1st ISO and 2nd ISO it's showing me 127MB is this right size.
That's what I want to confirm with you.

the site provides Checksums for all the ISOs it hass. Please use those check sums against the checksums of the files you have downloaded.
IF the checksums are the same then you can use the downloaded file.
However, since you say your file is mere 372 MB when it should be 4.4 GIGs, I highly doubt that you have the full iso.

IS that the same size of the both ISO files what I have downloaded, even
I tried 2-3 times again & again it's the same size & I think no problem
in my internet downloads, its even fast download.

what is the speed of your net connection ? What is your Download agent ? if its Internet Explorer then I'm pretty sure you have a corrupt download file. Use a download manager and download the ISO files again.

I think I should burn these ISO files on DVD's then I should try &
install right?

withiut verifying the checksums, do NOT burn the ISOs as you're likely to waste good DVDs over them.

Verify the downloads first.


PS. please dont reply to me personally. send replies to the mail list.

Do you REALLY want everyone on Debian User to send you a confirmation e-mail? It seems like every day I get several requests for confirmation from this list. Frequently from more than one person, and frequently multiple request from each. If you feel the need to receive receipt confirmations from your regular correspondence at least turn it off when sending to a list. Please.

Marc Shapiro

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What?! Look, somebody's got to have some damn perspective around here.
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