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Re: Changing floppy0 ownership

Florian Kulzer wrote:
I don't remember if you mentioned it in your original message: Can you
actually write to the floppy if you are root? It might be that mount
detects some error/inconsistency in the file system, which would cause
it to mount read-only. If even root cannot write to the device it might
help to use the "debug" option to find out what is going on, or to try
"vfat" instead of "msdos".
If root can write on the floppy then there is a permissions problem for
user george. Next thing to check are the permissions of the mount point:

ls -ld /media/{,floppy0}

(Both before and after you mount the device)

I would also try to add the "debug" option to the /etc/fstab entry and
check out what the messages are when you mount as user george. (Just
"mount /dev/fd0" without any further options given on the command line,
and no "sudo".)


I am having similar problems to George's. I checked the mount point both before and after I mounted the floppy, and found the access to be root root. I used su to change the group of my mount point "/floppy" in this case.

This brings me to another problem: The system will not let me, as a user, mount or umount anything - it says:
mount: must be superuser to use mount

So when I used su to mount the floppy, the mount point reverted to the group root, so I changed it back to floppy, and exited. Then I tried to write a file to the floppy, and still got an access denied. By the way, the root has never had any problems writing to the floppy (or my usbdrive).

Sorry to break into your conversation here, but I thought that since I am having a very similar problem, it would be better than starting a new thread.


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