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xen/verserver Java SSH2 client Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Salve Steve!

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, Steve Lamb wrote:

> Willie Wonka wrote:
> > Oh - and I use Mozilla Mail - but this list (and others) have w-a-y too
> > much mail for me to d/l and sort through - which is why I prefer
> > webmail over pop3. I did subscribe to this list (for 10 minutes) once,
> > but again, it's too tedious to try and use the webmail's severly
> > hampered interface to delete, organize, etc...plus I do NOT use
> > javascript in my browsers (except on occasion), and that makes it even
> > 10x worse than what I described. 
> Xen hosted virtual machine: $11.50/month
> Gb of bandwidth at LAN speeds: Included
> Debian installed to spec: $0

Or vserver 3 Euro/month ($4)
1,5 GB hdd; 50GB traffic/month

>     Running your own mail service the way you want, including webmail, IMAPD
> and server side filtering... priceless.

not mutt? Mutt supported mail threading and this feature is
very usefull for mailinglists :)

I use Mindterm, a SSH2 Java midlet, to access my vserver from webterminals of
my university and use mutt un my vserver :)
Also cool, midlets from jcraft

Ok, Willie don't like Javascript and maybe java either
- so use SSH2 clients to access your server ;)

BTW vserver:
AFAIK is a vserver cheaper than a xen server,
but it has some restrictions:
- can't run your own kernel
- can't use ntpdate
- can't use networktools that are accessing the device directly:
  ethereal, iptables, ping, traceroute

And of course I'm strictly __against__ changing replacing mailinglist,
for several reasons: ***this is out of any discussion***.
But it probably worth to write a tutorial about ml for ml newbies.


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