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Re: Orinoco 802.11b Weirdness!

After a little more research, and trying a debian etch netinstall 
iso, which gave me the same results. I have concluded that my 
Orinoco 802.11b silver card has given up the ghost.

I had that card for over 5 years, got it in 2000, or 2001 when 
Wireless networking first started to get going. That card was a 
great little card, lasted all these years and various systems. 

Before giving up totally I tried it in a Windows notebook, which 
could not detect my network either. I was using a 2.6.12 kernel, 
like I said it was up for 58 days without any problems.

So I took apart the card, and I did smell a little ic burnt smell, 
after looking at the card some more everything looked good except 
that little ic.  I guess the heat finally killed it, since the card 
is so close to the cpu when it's inserted.  It was also used in a 
pvr, with poor air flow, along with a desktop for a few years also 
poor air flow out of the case.

sniff, sniff I will miss ya, nice little card!

I guess it will have to be ethernet only laptop. But that duron 800 
is doing good, I am surprised it lasted this long. On my wife's 
600m Dell it's on its third motherboard, I do not dare run RC5-72 
on it, because I believe that is what caused the other board 


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