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Re: Orinoco 802.11b Weirdness!

On 6/1/06, Gnu-Raiz <Gnu-Raiz@midsouth.rr.com> wrote:
I ran into a rather weird problem with my network card, this is a
pcmcia card plugged into an old laptop. For some reason when I
start, and stop the pcmcia service my card is no longer recognized.
It seems that it is trying to connect, but I get no green light.

Which release, kernel, and pcmcia modules package are you using?
There was a bug in the kernel-pcmcia-modules for 2.4.27 in sid back in
December (which has yet to be fixed, as far as I've seen).  That seems
to have made its way into etch.  My solution was to use pcmcia-modules
instead, but that started exhibiting flakiness similar to what you
describe (though not exactly the same).  The temporary solution (as
in, about a day later I'd see the same behavior again) was to stop the
pcmcia service and restart it.  Sometimes repeatedly.  The "permanent"
solution was to upgrade to 2.6.

Michael A. Marsh

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