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Re: console screen size

On Thu June 1 2006 05:41 am, Juha Tuuna wrote:
> On Thursday, 1. June 2006 00:33, Sjoerd Hiemstra wrote:
> > Alan Ianson wrote:
> > > On this particular machine I am working on I get a text screen size of
> > > 80x25.  I'd like to change it to 80x30, or perhaps I need a 640x480
> > > frame buffer. Is  there a way I can change that from the command line,
> > > or in grub's menu.list maybe?
> >
> > Yes, with the 'vga=' option in grub's menu.lst.
> > These are some of the url's that provide some clarity:
> >
> >     http://www.colug.net/pipermail/colug432/2005-October/001613.html
> >     http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/~mcgrof/grub-images/configs/linux/menu.lst
> >
> > 'vga=ask' seems to provide a list of choices. Never tried it myself
> > though.
> As far as I'm concerned it lists "only" some of the possible modes and not
> any framebuffer modes at all. On some display adapters some of the probed
> modes actually do work but on every adapter.
> Install hwinfo and probe your framebuffer:
> # hwinfo --framebuffer
> That should give a comprehensive list of available modes. They've worked
> for me quite well this far. There is a change that you'll be experiencing
> some weird stuff on some hardware and Sarge (at least) if you're using the
> the same mode in console and X (Xfree86).

I had been trying to use vga=xxx all by itself in menu.list.. once I appended 
it to the kernel line I was good to go. :) I will get hwinfo installed and 

Thanks for the replies.

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