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Re: console screen size

On Thursday, 1. June 2006 00:33, Sjoerd Hiemstra wrote:
> Alan Ianson wrote:
> > On this particular machine I am working on I get a text screen size of
> > 80x25.  I'd like to change it to 80x30, or perhaps I need a 640x480
> > frame buffer. Is  there a way I can change that from the command line,
> > or in grub's menu.list maybe?
> Yes, with the 'vga=' option in grub's menu.lst.
> These are some of the url's that provide some clarity:
>     http://www.colug.net/pipermail/colug432/2005-October/001613.html
>     http://ruslug.rutgers.edu/~mcgrof/grub-images/configs/linux/menu.lst
> 'vga=ask' seems to provide a list of choices. Never tried it myself
> though.
As far as I'm concerned it lists "only" some of the possible modes and not any 
framebuffer modes at all. On some display adapters some of the probed modes 
actually do work but on every adapter.
Install hwinfo and probe your framebuffer:
# hwinfo --framebuffer
That should give a comprehensive list of available modes. They've worked for 
me quite well this far. There is a change that you'll be experiencing some 
weird stuff on some hardware and Sarge (at least) if you're using the the 
same mode in console and X (Xfree86).


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