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Printing problem 750C

Hello There,
I am trying to print a .pdf file to an HP Designjet 750C roll feed
plotter.The length of the plot is equal to 3.5 x A0 sheets but I cannot get
it to print the whole thing as I wish, it only does a single A0 sheet taken
from the middle of the plot window. I have set the plotter to 'Inked Area'
as this looks as though it should then set the plot size accordingly.
On the PC, when I go into print set-up I can select 'custom size' but then
when going into the Printer wizard/set-up window on the PC I am not able to
select anything other than standard sheet sizes! why is this?
Would a latest version of the printer driver allow this command or does it
need some special code tweaking?

A quick response would be very much appreciated
Best regards
Ken Clark

Chief Mechanical Engineer
Thales Underwater Systems
Ocean House
Tel 01963 372515
Fax 01963 372747
email ken.clark@uk.thalesgroup.com

Many Thanks

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