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Re: is it a bad idea to use unstable on a server ?

* Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> [2006-05-27 01:07]:
> > So it comes down to:
> >   * Is it a bad idea to use unstable on a production server when it
> >     comes to security?
> Possibly to probably yes (the answer for stable would be "no").
> >   * If so, would you recommend using testing, or stable?
> Stable.
> >   * And does anyone with experience running unstable on production
> >     servers know of any other caveats I should be aware of?
> Don't do it unless you want to babysit it constantly and do a lot of
> reading in your free time to keep track of development and latest
> bugs a lot more carefully than you otherwise would.

I figured as much.  I just wanted to check whether I was paranoid
enough, or too paranoid ;-)

- Felix

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