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non-free nvidia driver on etch?

I am running etch. I installed the legacy nvidia driver to work around
a bug with the 8178 release. I am ready to move back to the current
version, but I can't sort out the situation with the etch & the nvidia

Some googling turns up nothing except the fact that the nvidia drivers
aren't working on etch:


I tried downloading the unstable driver packages and doing dpkg -i.
The unstable drivers depend on xorg 1.7.0, so that was a bust.

I was hoping to keep my driver installed 'the debian way' rather than
install the package from Nvidia. Does anyone know how best to install
the nvidia graphics driver on etch?

Jonathan Pearce
Jonathan David Pearce jonathan@pearce.name
3EAAFB2A   http://www.jonathan.pearce.name/

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