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Mondo ,PS

>Tried for first time, going to DVD. When I finally go it to actually start 
>backup seriously, it redid all its cataloging, called mindi, etc. A nice long 
>gzip2 operation. Then it started cycling through task/DVD lines. I am 12% 
>done, task and DVD. Of course, nothing has gone to that DVD at all. I suppose 
>it is setting up a humongous image or fs which will write out at the end, all 
>being well. 12% done and 536:30 to go.

>Is this how thing baby should play? Any way to resume where it left off if 
>interrupted? Is there a significantly faster utility--I am afraid of 
>systemimage though this might be best.

Likely will fail or need to be stopped. It is putting all this stuff in /var 
and there will not be enough space for it!

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