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Re: Mondo

David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il>:
>  Tried for first time, going to DVD. When I finally go it to actually start the 
>  backup seriously, it redid all its cataloging, called mindi, etc. A nice long 
>  gzip2 operation. Then it started cycling through task/DVD lines. I am 12% 
>  done, task and DVD. Of course, nothing has gone to that DVD at all. I suppose 
> [snip]
>  Is this how thing baby should play? Any way to resume where it left off if 

Have you considered the idea that this might not be the right way to
go?  An alternative is backup what's yours.  Leave the rest to be
handled by install CDs.  My backups fill half a CD.  On a new machine
install Debian, then slap your stuff on top of it.

You're re-inventing the wheel.

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