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Re: T-bird outgoing filters?

Ron Johnson wrote:

When I send email to friends and family members, it all goes into
the Sent folder, where I must manually move the mails to the various
person-specific folders.

With outbound filters, the mails get automatically deposited in the
folders.  Very handy.

Can you not set up the filters you want, then invoke them on your "Sent Items" folder manually (Tools => Run filters on folder)? It's not a fully automated way of accomplishing what you want, but it's less tedious than doing individual searches for messages in your Sent Items and manually moving them to a different folder.

In other words, create a filter called "Email to Mom" that filters on all messages where the addressee is "Mom" and moves all of these to a folder called "Mom." Then run the filter on your Sent Items folder, and all your email to Mom will be moved. If you also have all incoming email from Mom filtered to the same folder, then your email to and from Mom should be threaded properly.

Once you get your filters set up, it only takes a few seconds to run them, which you could do daily or every few days or however often you want it resorted. Not fully automatic, but not exactly a major inconvenience if you really find it useful to have your mail sorted that way.

Or, you know, just use Gmail.  :-)

Michael M. ++ Portland, OR ++ USA
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