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Re: [desktop][netinst]How can i choose a kde as a default?

At 1147975636 past the epoch, Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> Would anybody know why kde is not a choice in installation
> menu?

Yes: I think that it is because the d-i/tasksel people felt
that users divide best into two camps[1]:

1) those who do not know the distinction between gnome and
   kde, and just want a desktop environment

2) those that do know the distinction, and want a tailored
   desktop environment (e.g. just kde, or just gnome, or
   something else entirely)

Those in the second camp are thought to be fully capable of
using aptitude or apt-get or something else to get the
desired mix of stuff that they want, while those in the
first camp could potentially be confused by a multitude of
different desktop options.

[1] this is my interpretation, however. I'm not putting
    words in their mouths :)

Jon Dowland

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