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Re: [desktop][netinst]How can i choose a kde as a default?

At 1147906776 past the epoch, Lukasz Szybalski wrote:
> 2. I would like to skip this process and from installation
> menu when selecting [desktop] I would like to choose a kde
> as a default windowing system. Who should i contact to
> make this change happen?

The desktop task offered to you in the debian-installer
process installs both GNOME and KDE, but GNOME is chosen as
the default environment.

If you do not select the desktop task, but instead go for
manual package selection, you can install the kde package

Note that there might be other components pulled in by the
desktop task that are not depended on by the kde package
(e.g. xserver-xfree86).

Jon Dowland

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