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Re: rdate, ntp configuration

Þann 2006-05-24, 23:22:19 (+0200) skrifaði Hans du Plooy:
> Hi guys,
> I'm getting a mail every now and then (a few times a day, it seems):
> Subject:
> Cron <root@rimwards> /usr/sbin/rdate | logger -t NTP
> Body:
> rdate: connect: Connection refused
> For the life of me I cannot find where this is configured.  There's no
> mention to either rdate, logger or the IP address in crontab or any of
> the cron directories, or in /etc/defaults/
> Where is this configured?

Have you tried to grep through the /etc directory to search for the IP
for instance? Or just grep for rdate and see what you get.



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