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Re: Ipw2200 on Debian Etch

On Mon, 22 May 2006, Jon Dowland wrote:
> Erm not sure. No options, firmware latest from

Try placing firmware v2.4 in the /lib/firmware directory as well. 

You want the firmware for version 1.0.8, as the ipw2200 module in the kernel
identified itself as version 1.0.8-git.  The firmware download page is quite
clear that this is version 2.4 of the firmware, and NOT version 3.0.

> ipw2200.sf.net. I use a kernel >= 2.6.14 and ipw2200 is part
> of the mainline kernel from then on, so installation/modules
> version irrelevant for me.

The 2.6.16 kernel has an old ipw2200 driver for your information.  It works
just fine, if you give you the firmware it needs.  It doesn't have QoS
support like the latest kernel module and firmware, though.

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