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Re: Ipw2200 on Debian Etch

At 1148313425 past the epoch, Marco wrote:
> Hi everybody, There is someone that use the ipw2200
> wireless interface with Debian Etch that can help me to
> install it?

I do with sarge.

> Modules version?  Modules options?  Firmware version?
> Installation steps?

Erm not sure. No options, firmware latest from
ipw2200.sf.net. I use a kernel >= 2.6.14 and ipw2200 is part
of the mainline kernel from then on, so installation/modules
version irrelevant for me.

It looks like linux-image-2.6.686 is version 2.6.16-8 right
now, and should have ipw2200 built in. Have you tried that

Jon Dowland

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