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Wireless Problem :-(

Hi all,
I have installed Debian Etch on my laptop.
My laptop has 2 network interfaces:
eth0 --> wired network (that works with bcm5700 module)
eth1 --> wi-fi network (that works with ipw2200  module)

I have installed wpa_supplicant and ifplugd for manage my network interface.
Ifplugd configuration (/etc/default/ifplugd):
INTERFACES="eth0 eth1"
ARGS="-q -f -u0 -d10 -w -I"

I manually start wpa_supplicant with this command:
/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -w -ieth1 -Dwext -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf

Now I have two problems:

1. I'dont know what are the better solution to start wpa_supplicant (pre-up? /etc/init.d/script??) 2. If "eth0" is down and "eth1" is up, ifplugd don't switch the default gateway and also if "eth0" is up and "eth1" is down.

There are other optimizations for the wireless?

I don't know very well the wireless packages :-(
Could you help me?

Thanks a lot

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