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Re: Making CD to be read on Windows

On 5/18/06, Michael Marsh <michael.a.marsh@gmail.com> wrote:
On 5/18/06, Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> wrote:
> I've made a CD containing data (html and jpg files) which works fine
> here but causes problems on Windows machines (surprise surprise!). The
> browser (presumably IE) keeps saying "Page not found".
> I think this may be something to do with filename length. I have an idea
> that the answer may be to make the CD with the -J switch. Can anyone
> confirm this? I really DON'T want to have to rename all the files,
> especially if that isn't the problem!

Here's my standard procedure for making a data CD:
$ mkisofs -o image.iso -J -r <directory>
$ cdrecord -v dev=ATAPI:/dev/cdrom image.iso
This has always worked on both Linux and Windows, and the "-r" should
make it work on a Mac as well.  At least I *think* Mac is the platform
that needs Rock Ridge extensions.

Rock Ridge is for Posix systems. Mac OS X can use Rock Ridge and
Joliet. You can use -apple to create apple ISO9660 extentions. It is also
possible to create a hybrid ISO9660/Joliet/Rock Ridge/HFS image.

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