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Apt-get upate problem

Hi list,

Last few days, when I try to do apt-get update on my Etch laptop, it fails 
with a number of different errors. I have made about twenty attempts.

First there were gzip errors caused by corrupted partial files left 
in /var/lib/apt/lists/partial. Removing these allowed me to try again, but 
then there were a number of timeouts resulting in the update not completing. 
Persisting with this resulted in a repeat of the first error.

Today I got a message about - and I quote apt-get here - a "Bizarre error" in 
which file sizes did not match. 

The offending  files - meaning that each time they were incomplete or 
corrupted - have in each case been: 
ftp.debian.org_debian_dists_testing_main_binary-i386_Packages, and

I eventually managed to to update (and then upgrade) by directly downloading 
the above files and manually pasting them into /var/lib/apt/lists. But the 
problem has persisted.

Updating works if the testing binary package repository is commented out in 

In case it is relevant, I'm on a slow dialup connection while travelling, but 
that has not been a problem before.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?



P.S My sources.list has:

# deb file:///cdrom/ sarge main
# deb ftp://ftp.au.debian.org/debian/ stable main contrib non-free
# deb-src ftp://ftp.au.debian.org/debian/ stable main contrib non-free
# deb http://security.debian.org/ stable/updates main contrib non-free
deb ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/ testing main contrib non-free
deb http://secure-testing.debian.net/debian-secure-testing 
testing/security-updates main contrib non-free
deb http://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/debian sarge main
deb ftp://ftp.tux.org/java/debian/ testing non-free
deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org testing main

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