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Re: would someone shed me light on how to remove a debian pakcage?

>Comparing auto specifications to what are free
> products in a
> totally unrelated discipline, is impractical and
> ludicrous, and a feeble
> attempt to be disingenuous.

To personal use, browsers are free but what about to
institutional use, are they free as well?  Has
Netscape not required any license for the users who
are business and institutional organisation?
> Using a browser that is poorly engineered won't kill
> me or any innocent
> bystanders. However, a poorly engineered automobile
> potentially can. The
> standard of excellence is a little higher for
> obvious reasons my friend.
> That's why this conversation is silly, and you are
> getting sillier by
> each attempted rebuttal. You seem to have far too
> much time on your
> hands. ;)

What about the case that you bought a car which has
got a hiden camera to trace your route.  Would you
yell out?  The same as true, if broswer doesn't have a
standrds, it can be very intrusive to the users

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