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Re: My visit to google has been censored

On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 17:59:41 -0700, formless void wrote:
> Hi My Dear Debianist,
> Where I can find a debian package which prevents
> firefox browser to reload the pages that I visited?

Do you mean that firefox reloads the last page which you visited in your
previous session? You don't need to install any package to change that
behavior, it's a configuration option: If you type "about:config" in the
location bar (without the quotes), you will get lots of options to
choose from. Type "browser.startup" in the "Filter" box and you will get
a selection of all the options which influence the behavior at startup.
You should see one which says "browser.startup.page". If you
double-click on it you will get a dialog box to change the value. Your
options are: 0, 1 or 2; with 0 = blank page, 1 = your homepage, and 2 =
last page visited. Choose what you want, click "OK" and the behavior
should be changed.

> Another strange thing happen to me is that I'm unable
> to directly visit google when I start my internet
> connection freshly and has to do detour which means I
> have to go to any other site first and then the google
> can be visited.
> I assume that google has the high technology to
> anti-censor its customers, which is very good.  Is my
> point right?

I am not sure if I understand your point. Many people use google as
their homepage for browser startup and that seems to work fine. Maybe
your problem is due to the "last page visited" option and some expired
cookies. I don't think google does anything deliberate to "anti-censor"


P.S. Let's see if I will regret this...

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