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Re: sx audio stream only for windows??

Marc Shapiro wrote:

Dale Hair wrote:

On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 17:39 +0300, gustavo halperin wrote:

But, How ??? In my case when I run xine ( > xine I also hear just the first song, how do you run Xine. Did do pass some especial option ??
  Thank you,
        Gustavo Halperin

I don't know what the problem is, every song uses the same codec - MS
Windows Media Audio 2 (ffmpeg audio) according to xine.  So if the first
song plays the others should also.

I just run

I have never set up a special config file for xine.  Running the latest
sid and xine-ui.

Same here. Only I'm running Sarge, not Sid. Nothing special for running xine. It just works. I've listened to at least three songs, it may have been more, as I was in and out of the room. I have found xine to be the only media player that 'just works' with whatever I have thrown at it. Granted, I'm not a heavy user of any media player, but xine has worked on anything that I have tried to listen to, or view.

This is what I have installed:

$ dpkg -l | grep xine ii libxine1 1.0.1-1sarge2 the xine video/media player library, binary
ii  xine-ui        0.99.3-1       the xine video player, user interface

$ dpkg -l | grep codec
ii  libxvidcore4   1.1.0-beta2+cv High quality ISO MPEG4 codec library
ii  w32codecs      20050412-0.4   win32 binary codecs

Thank you all, I know the problem now. The problem was that in addition to the library libxvidcore4 I also was installed the library libavcodeccvs (used for the application "transcode") this library cause some kind of problem to Xine. Any way after remove the library libavcodeccvs the Xine success to play more than just one song.

   Thank you,
       Gustavo Halperin

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