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Re: firefox printing not displaying Letter (8.5x11 inch) choice paper, closest is hp-us-government-letter (203x253 mm)

On Sun, May 14, 2006 at 13:39:56 -0400, Mitchell Laks wrote:


> On one of my sid machines I am trying to print from firefox and I see that it 
> has trouble with  printing. 
> When I push print the error dialog that pops up says
> There was a problem in printing because the paper size you specified is not 
> supported by your printer.
> I notive that when i click on the Print, the print dialog gives me a more 
> complext printer properties dialog than usual. 


> However the drop down list of paper size has lots of very weird choices. The 
> closest to letter size seems to be 
> hp-us-government-letter (203x253 mm) and more weirder stuff, and even that 
> wont print to my local hp laserjet 1200 postscript printer. 
> How did this happen and how can I get rid of this and back to usual on all my 
> other machines? 

There have been some problems reported recently related to xprint and
the upgrade to Xorg 7.0. If you use xprint you can try

/etc/init.d/xprint restart

If you get any error messages about missing config dirs then it might be
enough to purge xprint and reinstall it again. (Old configuration files
cause trouble with the new version of xprint.)


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