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RE: How to correct corrupted dependencies?

It looks like the package dependencies at ftp.au.debian.org are corrupted in
some way.  I switched to ftp.debian.org and everything is working swimmingly.

Irrevenant wrote:
> It won't let me install the package (even using -f) until "apt-get -f install"
> (with no package name) is run, and when I run "apt-get -f install" it crashes
> out; presumably because the dependencies reference a non-existent file.  (See
> the error messages in my original email).
> I've been through the man page, but it doesn't seem to have anything on what
> to do when the information in the dependencies database is wrong; presumably
> just locally.  If I could refresh the package information from the server that
> would probably do the trick, but an "apt-get update" doesn't seem to be
> enough.
> BTW, I'm using Etch.
> Thanks.

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