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Etch Gnome Acroread -- full screen behavior

Hi everybody,

I'm running Etch with Marillat repo (all updated as of this morning May 10), and have noticed some recent undesirable behavior within the last couple of weeks regarding how Gnome handles a request for Acroread to present .pdf slides in full screen.

Previously, when displaying .pdf slides in full screen using Ctrl+l, the slides would fill the screen. Now, when displaying full screen, the Gnome panels remain on the top and the bottom of the screen.

I have uploaded a screenshot of the behavior at this url:


Anyone have an idea about how get Acroread full screen to really be full screen?

I would use evince or gpdf, but evince simply does not display some of the presentations I've written in latex-beamer accurately and gpdf leaves a grey surrounding box, instead of blacking out the remaining viewing area outside the slides.


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