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Re: Debian for AMD64

Been running Sarge for a year on a genuine AMD Opteron. Have Debian unstable on several Opterons, a dual Xeon and Pentium D. The Pentium D "feels" faster but may have a faster clock speed / dynamically faster memory / peripherals. Not been running these for very long at all - but no obvious problems.

AMD64 - no problem :) The caveat is what level of package churn you can
tolerate - unstable moves very quickly, testing less so, stable hardly at all. Pick one and stick with it :)


Thanks for the info!  That leads me to my next question...

Have most packages been ported to the amd64 architecture, or is there a limited selection? I found the amd64 "testing" version here:


But I wasn't sure if most packages had been ported to use the 64-bit OS. Any problems there?



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