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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

"Roberto C. Sanchez" <roberto@familiasanchez.net> writes:

> The problem is that public schools are very wasteful.

Is there no way of improving this?  There were examples of public
schools brought up in this thread that actually do work.

> With private schools all competing for the market, I can virtually
> guarantee that the market average cost to educate a student would be
> much less than what is being spent now by the government.

Even if all schools were private IMHO they would require some
regulation to maintain some common standard.  Do private schools
actually provide school busses?

Do you believe private schools would be a lot cheaper than they are
now and still maintaining a high standard?

>> And to get everyone educated benefits everyone in a community - not
>> only those with children.
> Agreed.  It also benefits everyone to have air travel, but we are not
> all taxed so everyone can fly for "free."

While air travel is not essential for live - education is.


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