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Re: Solved: Setting keyboard preferences in Gnome (etch) makes system hang up and prevents loging in from GDM

On Tue, 02 May 2006 09:06:15 -0400
Rick Reynolds <rick@rickandviv.net> wrote:

> Looking at this a bit more, I see that I've been coached in this (in
> the thread I started titled "problems in gnome/gdm after weekend etch
> upgrade").
> Andrius A__trauskas wrote:
> >I had the same. It seems to happen only if there is any keyboard
> >configuration set in Gnome, or if you try to set it through Gnome
> >keyboard utility. When configured manually in xorg.conf, keyboard
> >layouts and switching between them is OK in Gnome, too.
> >
> So maybe the problem is that I have both sets of keyboard configs 
> defined -- one in xorg.conf as prescribed in this thread (to fix the 
> problem) and one from before via gnome.  Any way to clear out the
> gnome definition without actually logging into gnome (since I can't
> do so reliably at this point)?  Or do I have to blow away all my
> gnome user settings?

Try this:

    mv ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/ ~/

You can move the directory back again if it doesn't work.

> Thanks,
> Rick Reynolds



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