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Re: Solved: Setting keyboard preferences in Gnome (etch) makes system hang up and prevents loging in from GDM

Looking at this a bit more, I see that I've been coached in this (in the thread I started titled "problems in gnome/gdm after weekend etch upgrade").

Andrius A__trauskas wrote:

I had the same. It seems to happen only if there is any keyboard
configuration set in Gnome, or if you try to set it through Gnome
keyboard utility. When configured manually in xorg.conf, keyboard
layouts and switching between them is OK in Gnome, too.

So maybe the problem is that I have both sets of keyboard configs defined -- one in xorg.conf as prescribed in this thread (to fix the problem) and one from before via gnome. Any way to clear out the gnome definition without actually logging into gnome (since I can't do so reliably at this point)? Or do I have to blow away all my gnome user settings?

Rick Reynolds
He who breaks a thing to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom. -- Gandalf

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