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Re: Problems installing Debian on old laptop

To those who helped me,

Thanks very much for all your advice, but I've tried all options to disable everything but they're kernel parameters which aren't taken in consideration that early I think? It stops exactly at the point right after uncompressing the kernel - it looks like a bit like trying to run a 686 compiled kernel on a 486.

Anyway, I've put the old 3GB hard drive back in, installed Windows 98 on, and Debian boots up (with the default 2.6 kernel with no parameters whatsover) and installing fine right now without any problems. Probably some BIOS limitation with the 40GB hard drive but then again, Win2k/Knoppix doesn't have any problem with it.

Never mind, I'm going to have to live with Windows 98 and Debian on a tiny hard drive :)

Thanks to all again very much for your help - but I still would like to know how to install Debian on the 40GB hard drive.

Regards - Piers

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