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Re: problems in gnome/gdm after weekend etch upgrade

On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 04:43:37PM +0300, Andrius A__trauskas wrote:
> It was a stupid but granted way to fix the problem. There should be a
> better way to clean Gnome keyboard configuration - if anyone knows
> please tell me. Would be of great help until Gnome (or Xorg) get fixed.

I think, though I haven't used Gnome in awhile, that the settings live
in either ~/.gnome2 or ~/.gconf directories.  At least that's what I
moved out of the way when I had/wanted to reset Gnome to defaults.

Stuff that's set for every user might be in /etc/ or /usr/share/
somewhere, I never set up system-wide changes so I don't know.

Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org
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