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Re: Problems installing Debian on old laptop

At 1146526816 past the epoch, Piers Kittel wrote:
> Anyway, I've put the old 3GB hard drive back in, installed
> Windows 98 on, and Debian boots up (with the default 2.6
> kernel with no parameters whatsover) and installing fine
> right now without any problems.  Probably some BIOS
> limitation with the 40GB hard drive but then again,
> Win2k/Knoppix doesn't have any problem with it.

It is almost certainly a kernel issue. You say "default 2.6
kernel" - the default kernel used for sarge installations is
2.4, iirc. Did you explicitly specify 2.6 when attempting
the second (successful) time?  What about the first?

If this list doesn't help, there is a debian list
specifically for laptop issues called debian-laptop that may
be of use.

Jon Dowland

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