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Re: System-V style init scripts

Tsakiridis Antonis wrote:
> I set up a ruleset for iptables v1.2.11 and want to load it automatically at 
> system start-up. Since I wanted it to act independently, I prefered the Sys-V 
> way(as opposed to the pre-up/post-down at  /etc/network/interfaces). I 
> figured that it should be loaded before is started 'networking' and unloaded 
> after 'networking' is stopped. 
> What I came to realize is that no kill symbolic link existed for networking
> So, my first question is: 
>   - when does 'networking' come down?
> Secondly, I come from a Red Had background and find it hard to understand how 
> System-V style init scripts are implemented in Debian. For example, in the 
> most used start/kill link containers such as /etc/rc3.d, /etc/rc5.d no kill 
> links are present. 
> Which brings me to my second question:
>   - does anyone know of any place I can get insight into the Debian 
> implementation of initscripts?

The update-rc.d script is your friend for adding/removing those links.
However, let me *strongly* recommend that you look at shorewall.  It is
dead easy (and very well documented) for setting up simple things.  As
your needs change, it can support arbitrarily complex configurations,
which would be an utter nightmare if you did them manually.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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