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Re: sata sucks

lee wrote:
On Sun, Apr 30, 2006 at 09:20:41AM +0100, Wackojacko wrote:

Any bios updates available on the ASUS website. I have the same mobo but only one SATA drive so haven't experienced this myself, but there are loads of bios updates available so one might help.

Yeah, I thought of it, but Asus sucks even worse in that it's hard,
almost impossible to find the appropriate updates (I tried that for
comps at work and couldn't find them)

You could just try the latest, v1014 I think.

and in that there's no means to
install the update. I don't have any floppy in my comp since years and
haven't even tried to make a CD or DVD yet which is something that
might not work before a BIOS update is installed. The only thing they
have is a Windoze program to update the BIOS, but that doesn't help

Floppy drives are not that expensive these days, you may even be able to borrow one. One of the flash utilities runs from dos and boot floppies can be found all over the net.

Since Asus explicitly doesn't have any support for Linux at all, this
has been the last (and the first) Asus board I ever bought unless they
come up with Linux support and decent websites.

They do have chipset drivers on the website [1], but I haven't seen any BIOS update software for Linux.

Besides, the fan on
the chipset is already failing with a worn-out bearing after not even
1/2 year :( What kind of quality is that?

Me too, after about 2 months here though. Replaced it with a new larger fan, supplied by asus FOC which is much slower and quieter.

The MSI boards I had before were much more satisfyingly and never gave
any trouble.

I have an MSI board in old Athlon PC and could never get any updates for the bios so its swings and roundabouts :)

Sorry for the rant, though!

No problem!



[1] http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us

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