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Re: Some Problems with (X)Emacs

"Norbert Grün" <gnor-gpl@gmx.de> writes:

> GNU Emacs 21.4 has some problems when customising a large number of
> options, probably there is a hidden limit to the size of the .emacs file.

Not in Emacs.

> Also there is no migration tool for importing GNU Emacs 20.7 .emacs files,
> Emacs 21.4 complains heavily when importing such a file.

No, and such a tool would be nearly impossible to write since you can
have arbitrary lisp code in your .emacs. Also, Emacs 22.1 is nearing
release. For these reasons, you can forget about getting an Emacs 20.7
to 21.4 migration tool (unless you write it yourself). With the advent
of customization in Emacs 21, it might be possible to handle some
migration of options (that have been renamed, for example) in the

If a user is sophisticated enough to write Elisp, it isn't
unreasonable to expect that user to read the NEWS file to see what has
changed in a particular version.

If you have specific bug reports or suggestions, please use the Debian
BTS rather than posting here where it is likely to be ignored by the
Debian maintainers.


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