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Re: sata sucks

On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 07:19:58PM +0100, Wackojacko wrote:

> >almost impossible to find the appropriate updates (I tried that for
> >comps at work and couldn't find them) 
> You could just try the latest, v1014 I think.

Hm, seems they have changed their website. They even tell you to
update chipset drivers before installing the new BIOS, but don't
mention what your supposed to do when running Linux. They don't even
have any instructions on how to update for the A8N boards.

> Floppy drives are not that expensive these days, you may even be able to 
> borrow one.  One of the flash utilities runs from dos and boot floppies 
> can be found all over the net.

That's too much hassle. I have some floppy laying around somewhere,
but disks would be more of a problem. I just don't want to install

> They do have chipset drivers on the website [1], but I haven't seen any 
> BIOS update software for Linux.

There's nothing to be found. Do a search for Linux on their website
for Linux, you get no results.

> Me too, after about 2 months here though.  Replaced it with a new larger 
> fan, supplied by asus FOC which is much slower and quieter.

How did you get the fan?

> >The MSI boards I had before were much more satisfyingly and never gave
> >any trouble.
> I have an MSI board in old Athlon PC and could never get any updates for 
> the bios so its swings and roundabouts :)

I never needed one with MSI boards :)

Well, I'll have to find out what happens when I try to burn a CD or
DVD. It seems to be working with all SATA ports enabled since I turned
off APIC support in the BIOS, at least until a reboot. The kernel says
that if finds a local APIC and enables it, so it probably doesn't have
bad effects to have it turned off. Maybe pressing reset when/instead
of rebooting is sufficient.


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