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Re: freemind [solved]

Look into "apt-pinning". you can "pin" a particular package to a
specific version and control what apt does with it. something like:

Package: freemind
Pin: release a=experimental
Pin-Priority: 1001

in your /etc/apt/preferences file should do it. man apt_preferences. you could also specify a version with
Pin: v=0.8.0


Thanks, this helped me figure out what was wrong. I had installed the program "upgrade-system" (from Konflux) to try it out. I believe this program created the etc/apt/preferences file, which gave high priority to stable, and low priority to everything else. I don't actually need this, since the unstable repositories are currently not active in my sources.list. So, removing upgrade-system, and deleting the preferences file has returned things back to normal. It's good to know that the option of having a mixed sources.list exists though.


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