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Re: problems in gnome/gdm after weekend etch upgrade

On Mon, 01 May 2006 07:53:18 -0400
Rick Reynolds <rick@rickandviv.net> wrote:

> I run etch on my laptop system, and I usually do a dist-upgrade each 
> weekend to keep up to date.
> This past weekend's update seems to have broken some things in either 
> gnome or gdm that are decently difficult to work around.  Wondered if 
> anyone else has seen this and/or can point me to a solution.

There are a few posts in this list already.
> 1. Upon entering my login credentials, it is not unusual for gnome to 
> hang while starting up.  I only see the "gnome 2.14" splash screen
> and the system is seemingly hung.  ALT-F# doesn't work to drop me to
> a console either.  Although I can login via ssh and poke around.
> This seems to be semi-random in nature and a couple of reboots later
> I can usually login.
> 2. Upon entering my login credentials, gnome (or gdm?) will crash and 
> restart and I'll end up back at the login screen again.

I had the same. It seems to happen only if there is any keyboard
configuration set in Gnome, or if you try to set it through Gnome
keyboard utility. When configured manually in xorg.conf, keyboard
layouts and switching between them is OK in Gnome, too.

I backed up my home files, deleted the user and the directory,
created the user again, and added keyboard configuration manually by
editing xorg.conf.

It was a stupid but granted way to fix the problem. There should be a
better way to clean Gnome keyboard configuration - if anyone knows
please tell me. Would be of great help until Gnome (or Xorg) get fixed.

Hope it helps,


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