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Re: [debian] Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Keith Bates wrote:
> As a Debian user who is interested in the Debian distro, I am now
> exercising my democratic right to protest against this total misuse of
> this list.... I've unsubscribed.

Most list participants who grow tired of a thread learn how to
delete/filter such threads rather than unsubscribe. It's a technique
that is worth learning if you're going to be part of any public discussion.

But, your choice.

> I am interested in learning to use debian more productively. I am
> totally not interested in this US centric, drivel. If I was, I would
> have signed up for some right-wing think tank's list.

Being people, even Debianistas sometimes get off-topic and on-soapbox.
Yeah, the thread's off-topic and should have died long ago, but
obviously these things are important to some of the group. This thread
will naturally die (some year! ;-) ). In the meanwhile, the DEL key (or
in your case, the 'unsubscribe' info at the bottom of each message) is
your friend.


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