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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Mumia W wrote:
> Steve Lamb wrote:
>> Christopher Nelson wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> Sure you can.  Nothing's forcing you to have your kids in public
>>> schools.  And shopping around for a good public school district is part
>>> of being a responsible parent if you can't afford/don't like private
>>> school.
>>     A good public school district.  Which implies one can purchase a
>> home in a
>> good district.  Or do you believe only the wealthy can obtain a decent
>> education for their children?
>> [...]

> Need I point out the hypocrisy of someone who wants to abolish public
> education asking if only the wealthy deserve a decent education?

    It's called irony, Mumia.  Christopher put forth that if there were no
public education that we (the private schoolers) were implying that only the
rich or wealthy could afford to have an education.  He then went on to point
out that a parent could choose what public school their child went to by
moving into that schools district.  My response was using his own words
against him because some of the best public schools are in districts that only
the wealthy can afford a home!  IE, if he considers that a choice then he's no
better than what he was damning us for.

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