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Re: Offensive e-mail received

Leonid Grinberg wrote:
Mr. Bird is right, but there is another thing you need to understand.
There are really no TOS that debian-user has, because people can send
to it without agreeing to anything. If you got an offensive email:

(a) All of us did too
(b) They broke no TOS

I was with you until here. If someone sends offensive e-mail, then
there may be a violation of TOS. It's not Debians, true, but likely
that of the ISP.

(c) Just ignore it.

Err, I'd rather report it to the ISP of the originator, if it's
really truly patently and deliberately offensive. I did that
a day or so ago with one which had deliberately offensive
sexual content concerning an error message from the kernel.
It had forged headers, but it's not difficult to figure them


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