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Re: GNOME V. KDE (was Re: New user need some help

John Stumbles wrote:
I did try to use and understand GNOME (honest!) but it's too warped for
my brain (or vice versa :-). To give an example: burning a CD etc under
KDE I invoke k3b, select type of disc to burn, pick files to put on it,
set a few options (e.g. joliet if I want to play my mp3s on my car
player) and off we go. Under GNOME there's some business with nautilus

Umm, on my system, I do the same thing, using GNOME.
Is K3b part of KDE? I wasn't aware of that. If so, then how come I
can use it with GNOME? I thought KDE and GNOME were simple managers
which can invoke any number of applications.

which doesn't seem to allow for any of the options I may need to set.
Not even whether I want to write to a CD or a DVD (though maybe it
detects that).

I've never used the GNOME CDCREATOR.

ISTR there were other foibles that put me off GNOME, though it's so long
since I've used it in anger I've forgotten them. Maybe I should give it
another try, but can you (Magnus) as an obvious GNOME-o-phile, tell me
what you like so much about it rather than KDE, that you think would
benefit other users?

Mostly, I use it to load my e-mail handler, my web browser, and
start CLI windows.

I fail to see how either KDE or GNOME could be much better or
worse at doing these things than the other.

I've on occasion seen people who really love or hate either
GNOME or KDE, but for me I fail to see that one or the other
has any particular advantage.

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