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GNOME V. KDE (was Re: New user need some help

Magnus Therning wrote:
On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 05:57:41AM +0000, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
apt-get install x-window-system kde kdm

I simply have to answer this.
The command line above is clearly not right, it should of course say:
 apt-get install x-window-system gnome gdm

</humour>Given that the OP said he's new to Linux there's a good chance
he's familiar with YouKnowWhoDOZE so KDE's likely to be a better bet for

My own progression was
Mandrake: easy to use (KDE), PITA to manage (packages etc)
SuSE: more or less ditto
Ubuntu: couldn't get my brain round the GUI
Kubuntu: phew!
debian (w/kde)

I did try to use and understand GNOME (honest!) but it's too warped for
my brain (or vice versa :-). To give an example: burning a CD etc under
KDE I invoke k3b, select type of disc to burn, pick files to put on it,
set a few options (e.g. joliet if I want to play my mp3s on my car
player) and off we go. Under GNOME there's some business with nautilus
which doesn't seem to allow for any of the options I may need to set.
Not even whether I want to write to a CD or a DVD (though maybe it
detects that).

ISTR there were other foibles that put me off GNOME, though it's so long
since I've used it in anger I've forgotten them. Maybe I should give it
another try, but can you (Magnus) as an obvious GNOME-o-phile, tell me
what you like so much about it rather than KDE, that you think would
benefit other users?

John Stumbles

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