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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> On 2006-04-06, Tudi LE BLEIS penned:
> > On 4/4/06, Monique Y. Mudama <...> wrote:
> >
> >>  Months later, I had filled half my quota, entirely with mailing
> >>  list entries.  But there's no way to delete more than a page of
> >>  messages at a time via their web interface (please, someone,
> >>  me wrong!)
> >
> > Either I don't get your point, or you can cimply click on "ALL",
> > "READ"... well I have to admit that I never tried.
> I'm pretty sure that "ALL" applies only to the current page.  If I'm
> right, there's no way to do something to all messages, period.
> If I am wrong, someone please tell me!

you think that's bad ????
Using yahoo - I have to actually *tick* (to select) Each-and-Every!
little white box alongside each message just to do ANYTHING to it -
move, delete, etc.

That's only the beginning;
since d-u doesn't use gg, and I chose yahoo (over gmail) which had an
easier sign up procedure and possibly slighly less *draconian* TOS
agreement(?). But - Because I chose Yahoo, I have to Copy and Paste
everything I write into yahoo mail and send.

I usually read the d-u through gg, and then click Reply (when
necessary), while reading d-u through gg, .....THEN; I must then Open
my Yahoo mail and paste each field in, insert appropriate d-u address
in the TO: field - and then send ...ugh, ugh, double ugh!

This one I'll try from a typical gg reply - but petsupermarket :-( will
be on my case again.
OH, I forgot...it WON'T EVEN GO THROUGH!!!!
I just tried, and i get this nice message;
[ "Google Groups does not currently support posting to the following
usenet groups:
"debian-user@lists.debian.org" ]

Thank you google crap - the F'ken Internet is Bork3d and Broken!!!!!!
My last few posts (very infrequent too) have shown up a full 8-24hrs
after the fact as well.

Oh - and I use Mozilla Mail - but this list (and others) have w-a-y too
much mail for me to d/l and sort through - which is why I prefer
webmail over pop3. I did subscribe to this list (for 10 minutes) once,
but again, it's too tedious to try and use the webmail's severly
hampered interface to delete, organize, etc...plus I do NOT use
javascript in my browsers (except on occasion), and that makes it even
10x worse than what I described. I vascilate between on/off when it
comes to javacrap, depending, and can never find a happy medium. Most
WebSite Developers in general are a bunch of monkey-puppet-bozo
assholes. The OSS community-related sites though, are much different
(better) IMHO

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