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Re: Playing midi?

chris roddy wrote:
Wulfy wrote:
Hmm...  I know a little about midi, but not much.  Since I'm able to
play it with some application, I should think it would be possible
with any...  I have the same problem with the Control Centre...  I've
read cryptic mentions of "sound fonts" but have never been able to
find any to try...  that may be why I can't make it work.

Some (wavetable-based) onboard synthesizers (such as those found on
EMU10K1 cards) need to be loaded with waveform packages before they will

The awesfx package contains the tools needed to do this. You will also
need a soundfont file to load with these tools. "2mbgmgs.sf2" and
"8mbgmgs.sf2" should be productive Google queries.

Thanks, Chris!  I'm downloading stuff now....  :)



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