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Re: Thought on receiving two answers...

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 03:53:29PM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
>On Wednesday 19 April 2006 15:10, Magnus Therning wrote:
>> AFAICS it would be possible to get mailing list managing software, like
>> mailman, to add a header to email sent to lists indicating the senders
>> preference. Then well-behaved mail clients can use that header as a hint
>> when the user replies to a mailing list.
>Problem already solved.  The Debian list guidelines already make it
>clear that it is not acceptable to CC someone privately if you are
>posting to the list, and all quality mail clients have "Reply to
>Mailing List."

There are other lists than Debian lists in the world. Not all lists have
that policy. :-) Personally I _always_ reply to the list (L in

I just wanted to somehow achieve the following:

 1. When I post to a mailing list that I am subscribed to I want replies
    to the list.
 2. When I post to a mailing list that I'm not subscribed to I want a
    private reply.

It seems Mail-Followup-To: is the header I should be using. If I put the
mailing list's address in that header when posting to mailing lists then
quality clients will reply only to the list. If I put both the list's
and my private address in it replies will go to the list and to me

Now I only have to get mutt-ng to behave... its behaviour doesn't seem
to follow the documentation in this case :-(


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